Testimonials & Awards

liquidviper: "Oh my god! They are wonderful! I didn't expect this kind of quality in less than a day! You are awesome and the commission was worth every little cent! I especially like the little details like the belt and her pubic hair, you are now my one stop shop for commissions of my characters!"
BobBQ: "His creativity and attention to detail always makes for excellent results!  You can see the passion in his work."
Rithnok Tatsukao Flamespewer: "I was expecting it to be rather awesome... But this? This is truly stellar!""
Torrasque: "Very good and fast! Best demoness group picture ever!"
Rithnok Tatsukao Flamespewer: "I will be placing you down upon my list of (artist) recomissions!"
Enth / Purpledragonbreath: "I didn't quite expect a picture like this... aspecially not for a contest prize, awesome!"
Topher / Lapinstein: "Anatomy is spot on which is very good to see as quite a few artists have glaringly bad anatomical issues in their work."
Rithnok Tatsukao Flamespewer: "This is incredible work and more and more I am duely impressed with your professionalism and your outlook when working with others."
Topher / Lapinstein: "The final picture exceeded my expectations, and even though the original was in my style - the conversion into your unique style was very satisfying."

Awards won
Adult Monthly Gargoyle Contest
Topic: 'November 2006: On the Wing'
Entry: 'Prepared!'
Award Won: 'Creative Winner'

Adult Monthly Gargoyle Contest
Topic: 'December 2006: TV Parodies'
Entry: 'Slapper'
Award Won: 'Artistic Winner' & 'Creative Winner'

Adult Monthly Gargoyle Contest
Topic: 'February 2007: Fuck the Mascots!'
Entry: 'Mascot Fucking'
Award Won:

Adult Monthly Gargoyle Contest
Topic: 'April 2007: O-Face'
Entry: 'Thulhu-Labs Artemis'
Award Won: 'Creative Winner'

Featured Art
Hentai Foundry (Pirotess)