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Michelle, I can’t fucking learn

Michelle in "I can’t fucking learn"

A furry/anthropomorphic story about a college student, having angry sex with her flat mate instead of learning. She's an athletic Husky, he's drunk loser German Shepard.
Contains: Antromorphic/furry characters, husky, German Shepherd, male/female sex, college, drunken sex, rough sex

(C) by pornthulhu 2010,


Michelle Laine
A Husky with a toned, muscular and slim body.
Nationality: French
Age: 18
Hair & Fur: Grey and white
Eyes: Steel blue
Occupation: Studying Sports and Exercise Science at college, competing in fitness
Loves: Beach, gymnastics, jogging, fitness, the beach
Hates: Stupidity, arrogance, self-indulgence

Raymond “Ray” Barry
A German Shepard, with a muscular body.
Nationality: Spanish-American
Age: 20
Hair & Fur: Ocher colored, brownish
Eyes: Brown
Occupation: Working at a local video store and a fitness center
Loves: Drinking, watching horror movies, sex
Hates: Studying, Mathematics

It was a hot summer day and almost 10 AM. Michelle, an exchange student from France, was settling down to start learning for her next college exam. She was a female husky with a body others girls would kill for - toned, muscular, yet slim and feminine. To her disadvantage the air conditioning didn’t work and opening the windows made matters worse. And even with her very short trimmed fur she was struggling to keep cool during the summer. So the best Michelle could do was wear nothing but her green camouflage bikini. All at once the door to her shared flat burst open and in strode a laughing Raymond, the guy Michelle shared an apartment with at the student hostel. He probably came home from a bust with his friends. Ray was a German Sheppard, but little of that origin remained other than in his appearance. He was American, and he hadn’t talked much about his origin with Michelle. How could he, being the case that most of the time he was drunk.
Michelle was furious “It’s fucking 10 AM Ray!” she shouted and turned, just to see that Ray wasn’t alone. He had a black cat woman with him. “Uh shhh honey, my flat mate Michelle’s up and... bb.. busy.” Raymond mumbled and kissed the cat. She looked pretty whory to Michelle. Well, Michelle thought, probably she was a whore. The female Husky watched them go to Ray’s sleeping room and the door was slammed shut. ...sadly it didn’t quite shut since Ray had damaged it after he flipped out over a video game he wanted to watch and couldn’t get working.
Michelle tried to continue learning, but the sudden noises coming out of Ray’s room distracted her. She heard the Shepard moan “THAT’S IT BABE!” and “SUCK IT!” and “YEAH SO FUCKING GOOD!”. Michelle jumped up and walked to Ray’s room. “Fuck it Ray, shut your fucking door!” It was the same argument that they'd been having for the last month, but no matter how mad or upset she was, Ray wouldn’t get any more reliable.
Through the half opened door Michelle saw the black cat sucking on Ray’s hard penis. “Sorry Michelle.” he said, but not quite meant it since he was busy watching the head of the cat whore slide up and down on his member. The slurping noise was just too much. Michelle tried to close the door, but couldn’t. Furious she kicked at it with her large, clawed feet and finally the door’s bolt clicked into the frame. Michelle sat down again at the kitchen table, but the silence was only temporary. After a few minutes the cat women exited Ray’s room and went to the door. Without saying goodbye to Michelle she left. Out of Ray’s room came loud snores.
“Fuck, he’s not even a student, he’s not even supposed to live here.” Michelle grumbled. Nonetheless, she had needed a flat upon her arrival in the US. Unfortunately when she moved in, she didn’t know what she had let herself in for. “Merde!” Michelle got up and closed the door to Ray’s room again.
The male dog lay nude on his bed, sleeping like a baby. Michelle couldn’t help herself to take a look over his body. Ray had a slender, but also muscular body, just the type that got her hot. He wasn’t doing sports as much as Michelle did, the only thing he did was working at a local gym and also using their training equipment after hours for training. Still, oh my, he looked good. Her eyes ran down his toned chest, over his flat stomach and further down to his large limp member that rested sideways on his left thigh. Michelle bit her lip. She’s love to suck cock right now. It’s been a while for her to sleep with anyone and since she came to the us there were only a few boring students she made out with. One of them, a chubby computer science student, came right at the moment when he entered her, then ran away crying. She had somehow given up on men for her time in the US and concentrated more on learning. Michelle closed the door slowly, still looking at Ray’s nude body. The door suddenly made a squeaking noise and Ray stirred. He turned his head and looked at Michelle’s shape in the doorway. They both stared at each other for a few moments until a loud fart from Ray broke the silence. “Fucking moron.” Michelle said and closed the door.
Almost two hours passed and it was already noon when Ray crawled out of his room. Michelle was still learning, but she didn’t come far since she was thinking a lot about Ray. Or to be precise his large boner. Ray trotted over to the fridge and got himself a bottle of milk. He only wore a pair of boxer shorts with a pattern of random Yoda faces on it. Fucking movie addict, Michelle thought.
“So, what’s up?” Ray said, scratching his stomach. Michelle looked at his mid section while Ray was drinking milk in big loud gulps. As he saw Michelle staring at his stomach he flexed his abs, making his six-pack stand out even more, and laughed. Michelle looked away, embarrassed. She responded “Nothing. I’ll be away for lunch in a few minutes.” Ray started roaming through the kitchen, looking at nothing in particular. Like a sneaking predator, approaching his unknowing victim. He finally arrived at the desk and flipped through some of Michelle's papers. “Stop that! You’ll mess it up!” she shouted.
“Sorry my dear.” Ray responded, but didn’t leave. Instead he came around the table and stood directly next to Michelle’s chair. She could smell Ray’s manly odor and the alcohol. Judging from the stench he must have had tons of booze. “Ray what do you want?” “Well. Err. You said you’d go out for lunch?" "Yes I did” Michelle replied impatiently. “Well. Mind if I come with you? A date or something.” Michelle looked firm at Ray. “WHAT?” Ray started to scratch his stomach again. “Well. You and me. We’ve known each other for a few months and have been meeting regularly. And you know...” Michelle let go of her papers and stood up. “FIRST OF ALL, it’s not surprising that we know each other. WE SHARE THE SAME FUCKING FLAT!” Michelle wasn’t daunted by Ray’s proximity and moved even closer, almost touching his body and looking directly into his eyes. “SECONDLY, you stink like un Rat des tunnels!”
“A what?” Ray asked and laughed. “You stink of alcohol! It’s not funny! And you have that stupid thing around your neck.” Michelle grabbed a dog leash that was attached to a leather strip around Ray’s neck. It must have been some bondage thing, Michelle thought. Ray backed off a little and looked nervously around “Oh that. Nothing.” He looked at Michelle deeply. “Michelle, I love you. I would sail the oceans of solitude and fight the dragon of... danger... the danger Dragon. Just so I can have a mere kiss from your lust-ridden lips.” At that he thrust out his head and kissed Michelle on the nose. “Oh darn, missed ya.” As he tried a second time, Michelle was furious and pushed Ray away. "Va te faire foutre, trouduc! Casse toi!" Ray took her hands into his “Oh I love you talking french. It sounds like porn!”
“You fucking moron get the fuck out.” said Michelle and tried to pull free. Ray wouldn’t let go and they both got into a fight. The German Shepard wrestled Michelle back to the Table where she kicked him and they both fell to the ground, continuing to struggle. “Casse toi! Enculer une mouche, fils de pute!” she shouted at Ray. For a moment she rested on top of him, with her crotch directly over his member. Michelle could feel a certain hardness through her slip and added “Oh that can’t be true. Don’t tell me you’re...” Ray laughed again and put his hands at the same time on her thighs, moving closer to her slip. “Ray? What do you think you’re doing? RAY?” Michelle was pulling his hands away, but by mischance Ray already had his fingers hooked under the straps of her slip. She tore it off, revealing her pubic fur. “MERDE! Je t'encule! You are such an asshole, Ray!” She tried to pull away but Ray was holding her hands. “Oh come on, please. I just want to take a look. “ “No!” Michelle responded. Ray tried to looked as innocent as possible “Please mademoiselle... I’m a virgin.” “Don’t the fuck lie to me. You’re a fucking moron, that’s what you are.” Michelle was almost as strong as Ray, but struggling brought her only in a more unpleasant situation. When war is no solution, diplomacy shall prevail. Or so she thught. “Ray, please let go off me. You can have a look if you want to, it’s nothing special.” Ray said gleefully “Yes, please show, lemme see.” He started between Michelle’s muscular legs, where she was sitting on his boxer shorts. The bowstring tendons of her inner thigh muscles pointed towards a perfectly shaven vagina with large labia lips. “Wow.” Ray escaped a sigh. “I wish I had one of those.” he said. “What? You want a vagina? What the...” Michelle was interrupted as Ray, quick as a flash, put one of his fingers between her pussy lips. He flipped at her clit. Michelle hit Ray in the face. He uttered a painful yip, but pushed only harder up and down Michelle’s lower lips. “I fucking hate you, you lying Bastard!” She finally broke free, stood up and kicked at him. “But you said I could check it out!” said Ray defendantly. “Look at it, not assault me!” hissed Michelle. Ray laughed again and said “I’m looking with my fingers!” Michelle was searching for her slip. Ray was holding it, smiling and saying “Does the bad doggy want his diaper?” Michelle felt her antipathy against Raymond turn into deep red hate. She wanted to smash his balls with every fiber of her body. “Give it to me Ray!” Ray held it towards her. “Alright Michelle, ma belle, here it is.” As she wanted to grab it, Ray moved upward in a rapid motion and pulled her down again. Michelle didn’t think he was capable of in his current boozed state. He put his arms around her and lay still with her on the floor. “Michelle. I know I’m drunk and all, but you’re hot.” Michelle let out a distasteful hiss. Ray responded “Sheesh, why are you so mad at me all the time? Look, what bad will happen if you let me finger your cunt a bit? Nothing. I want to finger your cunt. Cunt. Cu-nt.” “Ray, why the hell should I let you? Do you have one good reason? I guess not.” Gleefully Ray responded “Yeah I have a large one, right between my legs.” Raymond moved his now hard boner against her ass. “Oh come on, pretty please, I’ll show you mine if you show me your cunt. Cu-nt.” Michelle was still not moving and felt Ray's member rub against her ass. “Ray, why are you saying cunt all the time?” Ray laughed, “BECAUSE the girls love it. CUNT.Cu-nt.” Michelle rolled her eyes and moved out of Ray's grip easily. He wasn’t applying much force.
Michelle rolled over and kneeled next to him. She looked at the thick package inside Ray's boxershorts and felt a heat rising between her legs. She really needed a fuck, badly, but Ray? Why in heaven’s name that stupid loser? He was lazy, the best he could do was work part time at a video rental store and a fitness center. Latter was only so he could get in for free. Maybe the first one as well, come to think of it. Ray was looking at Michelle. “Please? I won’t say cunt anymore.” Michelle closed her eyes, counted to three and sighed. It could be worse. Getting some action in comparison to the apocalypse of unnerving that was ahead should Michelle not give in to Ray’s childish demands. “Alright, but be gentle.” Ray cheered. Michelle leaned back on the floor and the Sheppard moved between her legs, starting to massage her labia with his fingers. “Oh yes baby, you’re soooo wet.” Ray flicked at her cletoris and then moved up and down her lower lips. Then he put one finger into her, while he was massaging her clit with the other hand. He was actually quite good at this, Michelle thought. She moaned “Oh yeah, right there.” Ray asked “Right there?” She replied “Yes, right there.” Ray asked again “Sure?” Michelle sighed “YES! Now shut the fuck up and fuck me. I mean finger me.” Ray was about to say something but looking at Michell's slitted eyes and distasteful expression, he better did not speak aloud what he wanted to say. He started licking her. First he moved his long canine tongue carefully over her outer lips, then he nibbled a bit on her inner ones and finally sucked on her firm little clit. Michelle was so hot. Ray wanted to fuck her the first time they met. Sadly all this pussy eating made him tired again and he needed to get her to an orgasm fast otherwise he would fall asleep. Michelle was moaning. she put her strong legs around his head and pulled at his hair. “Yes, yes! YEEES!” She screamed. Michelle started to move her pelvis up and down, rubbing Ray’s muzzle over her cunt. “OUI! L'CHEZ MON CLITO!” Michelle came with grate force. Her whole body was quivering. She closed her eyes and let out a long soft moan. Michelle could feel Ray stand up. “Did you like it?” He asked. “Yes” she replied. “Now it’s my turn.” “Wait!” Ray had an idea. He walked to the counter and pulled out a bottle of Absynth. Better to drink on that occasion. Michelle had followed him and now pulled at his dog leash. He took a long mouthful from the bottle and pulled down his shorts. Michelle opened the staps of her bikini top and it fell to the floor. Ray started to finger her again, while she was giving him a handjob both still standing. He had a large, thick member Michelle marveled. She couldn’t wait for it to enter her as she guided the tip of it towards her pussy. He was a bit taller than she was, so he had to bend his knees a bit while she was standing on her toes. Ray could feel his glands touch her engorged pussy. It slowly parted her lips and entered her moist tunnel. Michelle was so tight! Ray felt the heat inside her astral body. He looked down and saw her perfect sixpack contract as he pushed inward again, this time a bit further.
“Je vais te baiser!” Michelle whispered. Ray pulled out again, and then with one hard thrust he slid his hot throbbing member completely into Michelle’s wet and warm sheath. They made love, standing, in the middle of the room for a while. Ray was pounding her at ever increasing speed, his hips bouncing onto her body. Michele grunted “Yes I want your thick meat inside my pussy! Push it in me, YES!”
They were embracing each other and their upper bodies were connected. Their rock hard chest, arm and abdominal muscles rubbing against each other. Her large breasts were squeezed between their bodies. Ray loved the feel of Michelle’s athletic figure. Their embrace was so intense he could feel every tiny movement she made, especially he motions of her expanding and contracting chest while she was breathing faster.
Michelle’s Jaw was resting on his shoulder and she lustfully bit him in the neck. She yanked on his hair and moved her clawed fingers all over his back, sliding them through his short ochre colored fur. The smell of sweat and sex was thickening the air. Michelle took the leash and bent half way backwards to move up her right leg, resting it on Ray’s flat chest. The female husky was now doing a perfect standing split. She was flexing her leg muscles and spreading her toes as Ray pounded into her. “Je vais te baiser! OUI!” Michelle howled. In this position, Ray could feel Michelle’s leg brush against his stomach and chest. Ray pushed his thumb into the mold where her upper leg muscles joined her hips and held onto her, to fuck her even faster. “YES! CUNT! I’LL FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU’RE SO FUCKING WET!” Ray shouted at Michelle. He was fucking her with violent forceful thrusts, in fact so violent that even her firm, large natural breasts were rapidly bouncing back and forth. Michelle contracted the leg that was up into the air and shoved her large clawed toes into Ray’s muzzle. He started licking at them, tasting the salty flavor of her feet, playing around Michelle’s toe-ring with his tongue. “Hmmpf! HMMPF!” He was biting her playfully while Michelle put on a wicked smile “Yes, suck on my toes! Yes, that’s it!” Ray let out a grunt and bit into her toes. Michelle screamed with lust and moved her leg again onto Ray’s chest. The Sheppard began thrusting just his hip, but with very fast, rhythmical movements. He couldn’t hold back any longer. Ray exploded inside Michelle. Surprised, she could feel him spraying his hot sticky dog semen into her womb. It brought her on the brink of orgasm, and with a final thrust and howl of Ray she was pushed into the abyss. Waves of contractions hit her vagina and she orgasmed. Both held their positions. After a few moments of rest, Ray carried on. His member was still hard as a rock and he was again ramming it with quickening speed into Michelle’s throbbing pussy.
“BAISE MOI! OUOUOUUUIII!” Michelle howled and suddenly she grabs the leash with both hands, jumps into the air and interlocks her legs behind the dog’s ass. Surprised from her sudden change of position, Ray drops his Absynth bottle and grabs her muscular butt to keep his balance. Michelle is now fully clinging to Ray and he starts to fuck her in midair. He can feel her tight shaft slide over his hard member while he moves her butt up and down in the air. Michelle pulls herself up on the leash, putting her hands around his muscular neck. The Husky constantly mutters french and English words into Raymond’s Ears. “Baiser moi. Donne-moi ta bite. Yes, fuck me with your big hot dick.”
As if his movements were to slow for her, Michelle is letting go of the leash and bends further backward, resting her hands on the floor and pointing her face towards it. She starts to jerk her hip up and down, grinding Ray’s throbbing boner. Ray looked down at her marvelous body. He’s really glad he chose her as new roommate. Michelle’s fitness and gym training sure payed out. She was bent backwards, with her face hidden away from him, and only her bouncing breasts visible, like two hills sticking ouf of her toned body.
Michelle’s body convulsed wildly while she was having another orgasm. All the while Ray was fucking her like crazy, his impacts making loud clapping noises.
After Michelle’s jerking subsided, Ray pushed her to the floor, turned her around with a rough movement and lifted her ass into the air. With one bold push he slid his throbbing member into her pussy from behind. Ray started to brutally do her doggy-style, thrusting as hard and deep as he could. Michelle was screaming with pleasure. One time he pushed so hard that they lost their balance and Michelle was forced to the floor, resting on her stomach. Ray was lying on top of her, still slamming his hips against her muscular butt. “Is that what you want? EH? IS IT? CUNT!” He screamed at her and Michelle responded with lustful moans. Then she knocked him to the side, wrestled herself free and turned around, pulling Ray back onto her, into a missionary position. They clasped at each other like drowning seamen, their fur sticky with summer sweat. Michelle’s strong legs were wrapped around his hips and the heels of her feet pressed into Ray’s butt cheeks, pressing his hips down against her lap.
When Ray came a second time, his orgasms started as a warm contracting implosion inside his belly, just to extend again and overwhelm his body, wave after wave. Shepard pumped endless streams of hot dog cum into her, he roared, pulled out his dick with a slurping noise and continued to spray his hot cum over the fur of her hard cut abdominal muscles. “OH FUCK! OH YES! I’M COMING! I’M... FUUUCK!” Ray screamed.
Michelle was about to rub his cum into the crevasses of her six-pack as Ray descended again on her. “Ray, what... are you...” She started to ask, but Ray put the fingers of his left Hand into her mouth, massaging her lips and gliding over her tongue. At the same time he guided his penis with his free hand back into Michelle’s throbbing pussy. He held onto her again, now rubbing over her sweaty and cum stained body. After a few initial thrusts, Ray moved her legs up and rested them both against his chest, making her butt rise, so he would enter Michelle at a different angle. The German Shepard went on fucking the female Husky, grunting violently and ramming her with strong deep thrusts. It was afternoon when Ray came a third time. He pulled out of Michelle and wanted to yerk off, but she wouldn’t let him. The female Husky brought up her upper body in a swift motion, pushed away Ray’s agile hands and slid her wet mouth over his complete length, digging her claws into his ass and pushing his large member into her maw. She was gulping and gurgling as Ray shot his third load of hot thick cum into her throat. “Ohhhh yes.” The German Shepard sunk to the ground, smiling. Michelle licked the last stains of his cum from her muzzle and rested her head on his large chest. “Ray?” “Yes, Babe?” “You’re a great fuck.” Ray laughed and whispered into Michelle’s ear: “So are you, you sick nymphomaniac girl.” Michelle hit him, but it was just a playful pad on the stomach, which responded with a loud growl. “Let’s do that again today, but first let’s go out have lunch.”

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Kesar, King of Lions

Kesar, King of Lions

A furry/anthropomorphic story about an imperialistic lion king getting bad news from his first lieutenant, an athletic lioness. Enraged, the king demands her to become his wife and performs a mating ritual.
Contains: Antromorphic/furry characters, lions, tribal stuff, male/female sex, rough sex

(C) by pornthulhu 2010,

Kesar was a fierce lion king. He had fought many battles and until recently he had been victorious, expanding his kingdom beyond the great plateau into territory formerly possessed by the sovereign of the zebra tribe, the alligator emperor or other animal rulers. Until recently he was not stopped by any army that was put into his way, either killing or enslaving them. In the past Month however, his armies met resistance in the golden fields of Xukabeky. His messengers report that a small tribe of alligators has been successfully withstanding the attacks of Kesar’s legions. So the king send out his best troops, led by his first lieutenant, a lioness by the name of Amra. She was a tough, loyal fighter who would go through hell to succeed.
It was a sunny day at the king’s military camp in the golden fields. Days had passed since Amra left with a troop of elite soldiers. Now she returned, but word got to the king that she was alone. Baffled he awaited her on his throne-rock, a large stone decorated with fur to suit a travelling king. Amra stepped out of the golden grass and knelt down before the king. With a calm, steady voice she said “Kesar, mighty king, I have news from the Xukabeky border.” Kesar stepped down from his rock and started to walk around Amra. He had a mighty upper body that was unnaturally muscular, even for a male lion. His legs and feet, while still powerful, were tiny in comparison. “Don’t kneel, good friend. Tell me what happend. Have you defeated those annoying alligators as I demanded?”
Amra stood up and looked deep into the king’s eyes. “Lord, my troops are lost, the resistance remains, I have failed.” At those words Kesar was first baffled, then anger overwhelmed him and he screamed out with rage. “What are you? An incompetent idiot? Lost my elite?” He looked around, into the faces of his generals and staff. Kesar had to make a point. “This cannot go unanswered! Generals, gather my troops, we shall advance tomorrow.” He looked back at his first lieutenant. “Amra, you have never failed me, but this cannot go unpunished. Since you are loyal to me, but never accepted my offer to become one of my wives, I shall force you to do so.” Amra looked shocked “Lord, I am a free woman and have already chosen my mate.” Kesar insisted, shouting at her “Since you failed as my first lieutenant, and still refuse my generous offer to become my wife, it is my right, no my duty, to provoke Hakrash!” A murmur went through the gathered lions - Hakrash, the ancient rite of a king to challenge a female warrior to fight against him. Should the female win, she was to be freed and never persecuted again. Should the king win, he was to mate with her and make her one of his wifes.
Amra was furious “So be it!” She put on her shield and spear. The king did likewise. They began to circle each other, with dozens of the king’s lions watching. Kesar attacked first, sending Amra off balance and almost striking a blow to her head with the flat side of his spear. Amra went in, and advanced with a punch to the kings ribs. Her lean, athletic body was bending to avoid the Kings counter attacks. Soon the two lions were entangled in an intense battle that only one of them could win. Shield were shattered, spears thrown away or broken. The two lions entered a violent melee fight with kicks, punches and wrestling. In the end, it was Kesar, the king who defeated Amra with his overpowering strength. He pushed her into the dust and jumped ontop of her. Panting he yelled “I’m your king! Do you give up now? ” Amra was locked in his grip and short on breath “NEVER! I... will... not!” Kesar got angry and ripped off her lioncloth, then put away his own. Amra could see between his legs, a red tip extracting from his crotch. Their bodies were sweating in the summer heat.
A murmur arose from the surrounding lions. “Mate with her!” “Take her!” “Make her a king’s wife!” Kesar looked around, grinned and started to grab Amras bare breasts. They were rather large, but very firm. Kesar squeezed them violently, grunting. He looked down at her tight stomach musculatur, sweat dripping from his short fur onto her body. She was doing a lot of running lately and has been fighting and working ever since he knew her. A trained, rock hard figure of a true warrior. Her muscles were flexing and testing his strength while he pinned her to the ground. Amra tried to get away “Let me go!” With all her muscle and dexterity she couldn’t escape the King’s iron grip. She wouldn’t stop fighting she told herself. “I’ll not make this easy!”
with his mighty paw Kesar started to rub Amra’s pussy, the small moist hole of a lioness. “I don’t want you to be easy.” He replied as he pushed one of his big clawed fingers in, feeling the tightness of her womanhood. Amra grunted and pushed her hips forward, meeting the Kings movements. Kesar’s penis was already engorged with blood. He was larger than any of the other male lions, a big throbbing club of meat.
Kesar could smell the Amra's wet lion pussy as sexual tension permeated the air. He pulled out his soaked finger and guided the tip of his penis towards Amra’s lower lips. Their eyes met and Kesar could see the angry fire in them, as he shoved his member into her vagina. She yelled. At first only the tip of his large penis penetrated her, sending a violent jolt though her body. “AHHHH YOU’RE TOO BIG!” Amra was feeling her tiny pussy being spread open by the lion’s large cock. The lioness moaned as her King pulled his long cock out of her. Its tip was all that remained in contact with her. Then, he began to slide his entire length back into the shivering lioness below.
Again and again, Kesar plunged into her moist tunnel, forcing his massive penis further and further into her, until he touched the end of her vagina, pressing against Amra’s cervix. He couldn’t enter any further. First if was painful for Amra as Kesar didn’t give up and continued pushing his member with jolting, strong movements into her shaft. “ARRRR! BY MY ANCESTORS YOU’RE SO TIGHT!” the king shouted. He was ramming Amra with so much force, she was moved around with every penetration, her ass pushing molds into the mud. ”OH YES! RRRRR! YES! SO TIGHT! AARRRRRROOOWRR!” the king growled. After a few minutes of thrusting, grunting, biting and kicking Amra started to enjoy it. Her own male was rather boring, weak. No comparison to the sheer strength of her sovereign. All her qualms were cast away as she was pounded by the wild lion King. Amra started moving her hip to meet her King’s thrusts, sliding back and forth along Kesar's massive pole and coating it with her slippery juices. The lioness slammed her hips upward faster and faster, her entire body shaking as she screamed with every move. "YES! SO BIG! FILL ME! AAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIII! GIVE ME ALL YOU GOT! AAAAIII!"
Kesar could feel her large breasts pressing against his massive chest, sweat dripping down his arms and legs. Other lions started to mate as well, seemingly aroused by their Kings violent ritual.
Finally Kesar tensed, pushing his cock into Amra, as far as it would go. He finally advanced even further, his sensitve tip pushing into the mouth of her womb. The king erupted, pulsing hot wet semen into his female lieutenant. He didn’t stop cumming and his cum started to press out of Amra’s tight shaft. At the same time Amra spasmed under a mighty orgasm herself and her vagina contracted rhytmically. They both let out a long wail, their entire bodies tensing and shaking as wave after wave of orgasm overcame them. “AAAARRRRRRRRR! YEEES! AARRRRR! I’M COMING! SHE’S MINE!” Kesar screamed at the gathered lions.
After a few moments, once the orgasmic showers subsided, the king pulled out his fleshy member with a wet slurp. Amra could feel her pussy contracting and shrinking from the sudden vacuum.
Kesar looked at her in dismay “Out of my sight. I need time to think. He winked at two guards, but Amra was already on her feet, gathering her torn cloths. “You think you can mate with me, then cast me aside?” “Silence!” the king roared. Amra hissed back and turned to walk furiously away.
Kesar smiled “Oh yes, she was the one wife I was waiting for all along. So much grace, still, so much anger. Yes, I’m looking forward to kill some alligators with her.” And thus the day ended and the King went to sleep on his rock, recovering from the Hakrash and dreaming of tomorrows victory.

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