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Kesar, King of Lions

Kesar, King of Lions

A furry/anthropomorphic story about an imperialistic lion king getting bad news from his first lieutenant, an athletic lioness. Enraged, the king demands her to become his wife and performs a mating ritual.
Contains: Antromorphic/furry characters, lions, tribal stuff, male/female sex, rough sex

(C) by pornthulhu 2010, http://www.pornthulhu.com

Kesar was a fierce lion king. He had fought many battles and until recently he had been victorious, expanding his kingdom beyond the great plateau into territory formerly possessed by the sovereign of the zebra tribe, the alligator emperor or other animal rulers. Until recently he was not stopped by any army that was put into his way, either killing or enslaving them. In the past Month however, his armies met resistance in the golden fields of Xukabeky. His messengers report that a small tribe of alligators has been successfully withstanding the attacks of Kesar’s legions. So the king send out his best troops, led by his first lieutenant, a lioness by the name of Amra. She was a tough, loyal fighter who would go through hell to succeed.
It was a sunny day at the king’s military camp in the golden fields. Days had passed since Amra left with a troop of elite soldiers. Now she returned, but word got to the king that she was alone. Baffled he awaited her on his throne-rock, a large stone decorated with fur to suit a travelling king. Amra stepped out of the golden grass and knelt down before the king. With a calm, steady voice she said “Kesar, mighty king, I have news from the Xukabeky border.” Kesar stepped down from his rock and started to walk around Amra. He had a mighty upper body that was unnaturally muscular, even for a male lion. His legs and feet, while still powerful, were tiny in comparison. “Don’t kneel, good friend. Tell me what happend. Have you defeated those annoying alligators as I demanded?”
Amra stood up and looked deep into the king’s eyes. “Lord, my troops are lost, the resistance remains, I have failed.” At those words Kesar was first baffled, then anger overwhelmed him and he screamed out with rage. “What are you? An incompetent idiot? Lost my elite?” He looked around, into the faces of his generals and staff. Kesar had to make a point. “This cannot go unanswered! Generals, gather my troops, we shall advance tomorrow.” He looked back at his first lieutenant. “Amra, you have never failed me, but this cannot go unpunished. Since you are loyal to me, but never accepted my offer to become one of my wives, I shall force you to do so.” Amra looked shocked “Lord, I am a free woman and have already chosen my mate.” Kesar insisted, shouting at her “Since you failed as my first lieutenant, and still refuse my generous offer to become my wife, it is my right, no my duty, to provoke Hakrash!” A murmur went through the gathered lions - Hakrash, the ancient rite of a king to challenge a female warrior to fight against him. Should the female win, she was to be freed and never persecuted again. Should the king win, he was to mate with her and make her one of his wifes.
Amra was furious “So be it!” She put on her shield and spear. The king did likewise. They began to circle each other, with dozens of the king’s lions watching. Kesar attacked first, sending Amra off balance and almost striking a blow to her head with the flat side of his spear. Amra went in, and advanced with a punch to the kings ribs. Her lean, athletic body was bending to avoid the Kings counter attacks. Soon the two lions were entangled in an intense battle that only one of them could win. Shield were shattered, spears thrown away or broken. The two lions entered a violent melee fight with kicks, punches and wrestling. In the end, it was Kesar, the king who defeated Amra with his overpowering strength. He pushed her into the dust and jumped ontop of her. Panting he yelled “I’m your king! Do you give up now? ” Amra was locked in his grip and short on breath “NEVER! I... will... not!” Kesar got angry and ripped off her lioncloth, then put away his own. Amra could see between his legs, a red tip extracting from his crotch. Their bodies were sweating in the summer heat.
A murmur arose from the surrounding lions. “Mate with her!” “Take her!” “Make her a king’s wife!” Kesar looked around, grinned and started to grab Amras bare breasts. They were rather large, but very firm. Kesar squeezed them violently, grunting. He looked down at her tight stomach musculatur, sweat dripping from his short fur onto her body. She was doing a lot of running lately and has been fighting and working ever since he knew her. A trained, rock hard figure of a true warrior. Her muscles were flexing and testing his strength while he pinned her to the ground. Amra tried to get away “Let me go!” With all her muscle and dexterity she couldn’t escape the King’s iron grip. She wouldn’t stop fighting she told herself. “I’ll not make this easy!”
with his mighty paw Kesar started to rub Amra’s pussy, the small moist hole of a lioness. “I don’t want you to be easy.” He replied as he pushed one of his big clawed fingers in, feeling the tightness of her womanhood. Amra grunted and pushed her hips forward, meeting the Kings movements. Kesar’s penis was already engorged with blood. He was larger than any of the other male lions, a big throbbing club of meat.
Kesar could smell the Amra's wet lion pussy as sexual tension permeated the air. He pulled out his soaked finger and guided the tip of his penis towards Amra’s lower lips. Their eyes met and Kesar could see the angry fire in them, as he shoved his member into her vagina. She yelled. At first only the tip of his large penis penetrated her, sending a violent jolt though her body. “AHHHH YOU’RE TOO BIG!” Amra was feeling her tiny pussy being spread open by the lion’s large cock. The lioness moaned as her King pulled his long cock out of her. Its tip was all that remained in contact with her. Then, he began to slide his entire length back into the shivering lioness below.
Again and again, Kesar plunged into her moist tunnel, forcing his massive penis further and further into her, until he touched the end of her vagina, pressing against Amra’s cervix. He couldn’t enter any further. First if was painful for Amra as Kesar didn’t give up and continued pushing his member with jolting, strong movements into her shaft. “ARRRR! BY MY ANCESTORS YOU’RE SO TIGHT!” the king shouted. He was ramming Amra with so much force, she was moved around with every penetration, her ass pushing molds into the mud. ”OH YES! RRRRR! YES! SO TIGHT! AARRRRRROOOWRR!” the king growled. After a few minutes of thrusting, grunting, biting and kicking Amra started to enjoy it. Her own male was rather boring, weak. No comparison to the sheer strength of her sovereign. All her qualms were cast away as she was pounded by the wild lion King. Amra started moving her hip to meet her King’s thrusts, sliding back and forth along Kesar's massive pole and coating it with her slippery juices. The lioness slammed her hips upward faster and faster, her entire body shaking as she screamed with every move. "YES! SO BIG! FILL ME! AAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIII! GIVE ME ALL YOU GOT! AAAAIII!"
Kesar could feel her large breasts pressing against his massive chest, sweat dripping down his arms and legs. Other lions started to mate as well, seemingly aroused by their Kings violent ritual.
Finally Kesar tensed, pushing his cock into Amra, as far as it would go. He finally advanced even further, his sensitve tip pushing into the mouth of her womb. The king erupted, pulsing hot wet semen into his female lieutenant. He didn’t stop cumming and his cum started to press out of Amra’s tight shaft. At the same time Amra spasmed under a mighty orgasm herself and her vagina contracted rhytmically. They both let out a long wail, their entire bodies tensing and shaking as wave after wave of orgasm overcame them. “AAAARRRRRRRRR! YEEES! AARRRRR! I’M COMING! SHE’S MINE!” Kesar screamed at the gathered lions.
After a few moments, once the orgasmic showers subsided, the king pulled out his fleshy member with a wet slurp. Amra could feel her pussy contracting and shrinking from the sudden vacuum.
Kesar looked at her in dismay “Out of my sight. I need time to think. He winked at two guards, but Amra was already on her feet, gathering her torn cloths. “You think you can mate with me, then cast me aside?” “Silence!” the king roared. Amra hissed back and turned to walk furiously away.
Kesar smiled “Oh yes, she was the one wife I was waiting for all along. So much grace, still, so much anger. Yes, I’m looking forward to kill some alligators with her.” And thus the day ended and the King went to sleep on his rock, recovering from the Hakrash and dreaming of tomorrows victory.

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